Infrastructure Gallery


Our company accommodates clients in need of Civil, Mechanical & Electrical related services in the Governmental, Industrial, Commercial and Private sector. Key operations within Bahrain Pipeline Construction Company provide invaluable

services to all our clients in their respective projects. We provide professional and independent services valued by all who use them. The construction activities of our company are supported by our team of experienced engineers, technicians, surveyors, draftsman and a reliable labour work force.


The advantage of working with us lies in our ability to handle all aspects of the contract ranging from infrastructure works, building construction, road works, sewerage, drainage & storm water works, potable waterline works, electrical contracting, telecommunication works, marine works and landscaping works all under one roof. It is of utmost importance to us that we execute all work with the best quality materials

available, therefore guaranteeing the quality expectations of our clients. Every project is managed, supervised and quality checked by competent personnel, thus executing our commitment towards professionalism
and high standards of efficiency.

Building Construction

Our Building activities cover the full scope of Construction for Residential, Commercial, Educational Institution, Stadia & Industrial facilities along with required Infrastructure, landscaping & Beautification.

We have the experience and expertise to construct deep level foundations and support solutions in the most challenging geological condition. This division is supported by an expert team competent & having extensive experience in the field of construction.

We can take projects through phases from permits onto final Construction. Because of our extensive experience we possess a unique understanding of the needs of Governing Authorities as well as the discerning Home Owners and Commercial Developers.We bring together comprehensive engineering expertise with our specialized equipment further supported by a core of masons, Steel Benders, Plumbers, Carpenters, Welders, Installation Electricians, and Mechanics & Manpower who have been with us over a long period of time. 

Road Works

BPLCC is registered as Category 'A' Contractor with Ministry of Works (RPMD) & is one of the leading Road Contractor that has made itself prominent in this field by completing several complex Projects in time bound manner in-spite of several hurdles faced during the construction phase. Our team is specialized in dealing with site conditions and working out solutions with professional approach. Our Utility Division assists in sorting out issues faced due to unexpected utility clashes that require diversions thus reducing delays caused due to uncalculated time loss. 

Our team works closely with our client and ensure that we are a part of their decision making process. We provide high level of service to suit their unique requirements and work with the client's team to serve them better in the shortest and safest time frame. 

Sewerage, Drainage & Storm Water

BPLCC is Registered as Category 'A' Contractor with Ministry of Works (SEPPD & SEOMD) and is one of the most preferred Contractor in the Kingdom, due to its capability of completing complex projects and emergency jobs ..

within the shortest possible time.

The image of reliability is being achieved due to the asset of availability of special materials exstock,dedicated staff, manpower and specialized equipments acquired by the company in due course.

For emergency maintenance and shut down, we pride ourselves on the prompt delivery and quality personnel who are specialised in refurbishment works and can tackle any complex problems with ease in the shortest duration.

Apart from this we have support divisions specialised in carrying out the following works:-

  • Treated Sewerage Effluent networks
  • Major Pump Station Electro mechanical Including Civil Works.
  • Minor Pump Station & Lifting Stations
  • Sewer Rehabilitation Works
  • CCTV Survey including Deflection and Sonar System
  • Emergency Jetting, Tankering and Over pumping Works

Potable Waterline Works

We have a strong team of Engineers and workforce who continually strive to excel and ensure that we offer the best services to our clients. Our team works dedicatedly and sincerely right from the layout designing, shop drawings to the handing over of the network including submission of accurate As-built Drawings. Our team is well trained with the latest technologies and machines /equipment used in our industry. We keep updating ourselves with the latest trends and techniques in this industry and put them into practice in our company for upgrading the methods of pipe laying so that we carryout works in an effective and efficient way.

Our quality team ensures that we provide the best pipe laying services as we realize how important it is that pipes are laid in a proper manner and the various hazards it may bring if pipe laying is not properly planned and laid. It is ensured that all quality standards are strictly followed while laying pipes and a hassle-free network is provided to our clients.

We also carryout pipe laying using various latest techniques like Horizontal Drilling, Pipe Jacking,Micro Tunneling in locations where conventional open cut methods are either impossible on may require major Traffic diversions thus creating minimum disturbance to the locality.

Telecommunication Works

Telecommunication is a constantly evolving field, therefore well trained and educated telecom construction contractors are in high demand. We work to meet the stringent demands and needs of clients to give them utmost satisfaction level. Our team of personnel's keep themselves updated in this field and being competent makes us one of the most sought by companies needing these services to develop their Infrastructure Network in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We take pride in our ever increasing list of clientele, dedicated experience of Civil Construction engineering , dedicated Manpower & adequate strength in terms of Machinery available and above all the trust shown in us by our valuable clients.

Electrical Contracting

Our Power Division is specialized in cable laying for HV & LV networks ranging from 11KV to 66KV cable laying. We Construct Substations including installations, testing and Commissioning of Plants & also provide training for personnel required to operate & maintain the Plants. For the private sector our company operation covers marketing, Procurement, Maintenance as well as repair, Operation and Supply of Spare parts.

Our engineers have experience in working with both Public & Private Sector in M & E services. They are team players & work is partnership with architects, developers, clients and end users to add value to their projects.

We offer service that can be tailored to meet our client's requirements and have experience of working on Major projects whilst maintaining the client's normal operation with minimum disruption.

Earth Works and Marine Works

We offer superior services to make your life a little easier. With the right knowledge and equipment,we get the work done. With our experienced team and efficient equipment, we can performeffective reclamation work – anywhere.

This division is specialised in dredging and earthmoving including construction and maintenance of waterways, land reclamation & shore protection. We also engage marine Hydrographic Surveying division that works with the dredging operation using bathymetric survey to ensure that the design levels are attained.

The core activity of our focus is reclamation for new Industrial and Residential areas, artificial islands, beaches & coastal protection.

Geared with a team of experienced, well –trained personnel possessing the required skills and an extensive knowledge of the local market as well as statutory procedures and documentation, BPLCC Marine strives not only in comprehending our customer's requirements and specific needs, but also in proposing the most cost-effective solutions with a view towards minimizing time and ensuring optimum efficiency.

Landscape and Beautification Works

Our specialised team undertakes Landscape and Beautification works (Hard & Soft) for the Ministry of Municipality Affairs & other Private Developments. These works include supply and installation of various types of Palm Trees, Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, Lawn and seasonal flowers. Apart from garden soil & manure we supply play equipments, wooden pergolas, precast concrete shade structures and benches, irrigation system, boundary wall with gates , recreational facilities, decorative street lights, play courts with high fencing, kerbing, various types of colored paving's stone walls and pitching etc.

Quality is a result of Sincere Effort, intelligent direction & skillful execution.