Improvement of Village Roads, Karbabad

 The project was for reconstruction and improvement of all the roads and walkways within the Karbabad Village (Block 432 & 434). The scope  of work comprises the provision of asphalt paved main roads and concrete block paved minor roads, lanes, footpaths and car parks including new Storm Water Drainage Network and disposal system, new street lighting circuit, undergrounding of overhead cables, diversion of underground utilities such as water distribution network Electricity Distribution Network,


Telecommunication Distribution Network.

The Total Length of Asphalt Paved Main Roads  

: 5 km

The total area of the block paved minor roads, lanes footpath and car parks :

: 21400 m2

The total length of the drainage network (including 150 to 800mm dia uPVC & GRP pipe, manholes, Catchips & Gullies


: 4250 Mt.

Project Name : Improvement of Village Roads, Karbabad
Project Status : Completed  (June . 2012)
Location : Karbabad, Block 432 & 434