Tubli Sewerage Scheme (Block 711) Phase 2

Tubli Sewerage Scheme Block 711 is one of the major ongoing projects with Ministry of Works. The project scope includes the construction of a sewerage network system comprising of 20 km main and lateral gravity sewer line, 770 nos of manholes and inspection chambers, 2 nos. of lift Stations and 450 nos of House Connections. The project is part of a planned Township which is located near the Tubli Sewerage treatment plant. This network is connected to the existing network at 3 locations along Avenue 23 which will take this flow to the Treatment plant. Tubli Sewerage Scheme aims to deliver a good long term performing system to serve the community.


Project Name : Tubli Sewerage Scheme (Block 711) Phase 2
Project Status : Ongoing
Location : Tubli, Kingdom of Bahrain
Project highlights includes :
  . 20,000 m gravity pipeline
  . 770 Nos of Manholes and Inspection chambers
  . 2 Nos of Deep Stations
  . 450 Nos House connections
  . Stub out provision for future Ministry of Housing Project