Jid Al Haj Sewerage Scheme

The project involves the construction of a sewerage network system comprising of 6.5km Pipelines including 42 m of Non Disturbing Road Crossing (NDRC) along Budaiya highway , 260 nos of manholes and inspection chambers  3 nos. of  Deep Stations. The Jid Al Haj Sewerage network has been built just inside the Jid Al Haj Village which belongs to northern Municipality and the  net work servicing approximately 20000 people in that locality.The contract for the Jid Al Haj Sewerage Scheme blocks 456,502 & 514 was awarded by Ministry of Works, to Bahrain Pipeline Construction.

The commencement order for works started on 10th January2011, with scheduled completion being in 6th of January 2013. The project is Successfully completed with following features:


Project Name : Jid Al Haj Sewerage Scheme
Project Status : Completed
Location : Jid Al Haj, Blocks 456,502 & 514, Kingdom of Bahrain
Features :
  . 6500 m of Pipe Line
  . 3 No's Deep Pump and Lift Stations
  . Valve Chambers, Rising Mains and 350 M of Pressure line
  . 260 No's of Manhole and Chambers
  . Servicing for 132 Houses
  . Servicing for 38 Houses belongs to Ministry of Housing Project
  . Service provided for 18 nos of Villas along JID AL HAJ Highway
  . Service provided for AMA international School
  . Service provided for New Millennium School
  . Service provided for Up Town Village
  . 36 m of NDRC work with 600mm / 300 mm Pipes
  . Connected to 800mm Trunk Sewer
The Project Completed with in the time and handed over to SEOMD for maintenance.    The Ministry of Works and Northern Municipal Council Trusty honored us for the timely completion of the Project.