Toxic Valley Clean Up On Track

Bahrain Pipeline Construction is on earthwork massive excavation to remove all waste materials due to illegal dump site at Buhair Valley. This cause’s air pollution which is the main complains of the residence living in the area.Bplcc has mobilized 100 trucks to transport the material to Askar landfill site for safely storage and processed. Countless fire breakouts were being halted due to excavation work.Councilor Ahmed Al Ansari confirmed that nearly 80 percent of the dumpsite has been cleared;

"Almost 80pc has been removed and transported to the Askar landfill, but we still need to remove the remaining 20pc, which requires digging," he to the media. Mr. Al Ansari revealed the land being cleared to host the housing project, covering an area of 161,113sq.m, will later be reclaimed with sand and rocks to pave way for construction.

"But the remaining digging work will have to be completed first after an approval is obtained from the Supreme Council for the Environment," he said.