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About Us


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From our humble beginnings, BPLCC has established to be one of the major contractors in the Kingdom of Bahrain in Civil Construction Industry today. We built a strong reputation for delivering on time with quality service at a competitive price. With our expertise we have been providing our customers with reliable solutions to their most complex construction challenges.
Our commitment to innovation and excellence positioned us to be the premier choice for Engineering that results to our customer’s satisfaction. We earned our growing reputation for excellence and resourcefulness through our creative knowledge and skills. Our strength is the ability to schedule concurrent short and long-term construction activities, and then effectively manage both for timely project completion. We understand and promote the idea of working as a partnership with our clients to ensure goals are met.
Our long lasting experience with competency produced a quality crafted projects in which we closely manage into completion. BPLCC believes in delivering unparalleled construction management service tailored to our customer's unique individual.
BPLCC success attributes to our unwavering enthusiastic team that has proven their ability to take on large, complex projects and complete them on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality.

In the embryonic stages of our company, a comprehensive business strategy was drafted that recognised the key elements of a construction company namely, Quality, Development, Budgeting and Environment From the early days, The Green Team phrase was coined as an expression of the close-knit teamwork, family-based values and pride that has branded Bahrain Pipeline Construction Company as a premier choice when it comes to any type of construction. We take pride in implementing quality values in all our projects. With over two decades of profound experience, we have built up our reputation by delivering Quality Construction Projects.

Customer satisfaction drives every aspect of our activities and all our employees are bound to continue maintaining our promise to deliver. We have built our foundation based on the wealth of knowledge and experience treasured during our proactive twenty years of service in the Construction field. BPLCC has a qualified team of personnel's dedicated to continual improvement by reviewing the performances of our services to achieve its common goal.

BPLCC is a specialised Construction Contractor that thrives on challenges seeking unusual and complex projects where our Engineering experiences can be put to test. In practice, our highly competent team efficiently performs activities in a planned & organised manner to achieve successful completion of undertaken projects on time. Our dedicated team recognises that they are responsible for the allocated assignments and accordingly take stewardship of their individual roles and collectively perform to achieve the common goal with high standards of ethics and construction professionalism.

Our success is based on our strong belief that company growth is achievable only by building up a strong and strategic long term business relationship with our consultants and clients and also understand that this is totally based on building trust and motivating team efforts. This fosters a productive atmosphere to help achieve our ultimate goal in delivering the most complex projects to the required specification, in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our long lasting experience and specified competence has made us one the most preferred contractor to carryout specialised jobs that need engineering excellence.

Contributing to the ‘Growing Economy” of the Bahrain & to become a global leader in the construction sector by carrying out prestigious projects, progressive technology with experience & excellence.

To efficiently plan activities and carryout them in an organized manner, review and record the obstacles faced with solutions to achieve successful completion of projects on time.

Bahrain Pipeline Construction Co. W.L.L was founded in 1990 with the vision of contributing to the 'Growing Economy" of the Kingdom of Bahrain and to become a global leader in the construction sector by carrying out prestigious projects, harmonizing innovative and progressive technology with experience and excellence.
Qualified & experienced management team with professional approach. Qualified, experienced and dedicated project team. Experienced skilled work force. United approach to meet the common goal.
Emerge as a leading professional organization by providing high standard quality services. To efficiently plan activities and carryout them in an organized manner, review and record the obstacles faced with solutions in order to achieve successful completion of projects on time. Maintain growth and quality of services by implementing procedures complying with International Standards. Provide excellent service to our clients to establish and continue long term Relationship. Achieve enhanced client satisfaction through quality services meeting the client's specifications and standards.

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